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Matthew Joseph

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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Matthew 365 Day 8

Matthew had his first bloody nose today from his daredevilish stunts. He attempted to walk across the playpen, and really just fell across the playpen and hit the side. He cried for a minute, and then he was fine. However everytime he tries to walk he falls on something and hurts himself. Well Maybe not everytime, but close. He loves to furniture walk, but furniture makers do not make every piece of furniture safe for babies. He has been a happy boy all day but is now moving into the phase of "I don't want to miss anything" and is refusing to take his 2nd nap during the day which makes for a really cranky bedtime. Mommy has been sick all day today, and Matthew didn't want to cuddle. But I'm sure that if Matthew ends up with this cold that I have he will want to cuddle all day long. But that is what Mommys are for :) I Love you Matthew

Got him in mid yawn today just before nap time. so adorable!


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